Q. Who is Teepa

A. Teepa Snow is a dementia expert who trains and consults for healthcare professionals and families privately. She lives in North Carolina with her husband.

Q. What does Teepa do?

A. Teepa is an Occupational Therapist and noted speaker and consultant in the area of dementia.

Q. Who is Teepa's audience?

A. Teepa's programs are designed for a variety of audiences including the general public, family caregivers, community volunteers, service agency providers, hospice providers, direct care providers, health care professionals (nurses, social workers, OTs, PTs, SLPs, dentists, dietitians, activity and recreational personnel, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, physicians), institutional leaders, faith community leaders and volunteers, law enforcement and search and rescue personnel.

Q. Who hires Teepa?

A. Teepa is most often hired by an organization or group that is putting on a dementia conference or private training. Teepa's programs are hosted by a wide variety of organizations and agencies. These include state organizations and associations (such as state assisted living associations or health care associations, organizations for non-profit homes for the aged and retirement organizations), Alzheimer's Association Chapters, Alzheimer Society and Alzheimer Foundation organizations, Alzheimer's Research Centers, Area Agencies on Aging, faith communities, Veteran's Administration Medical Center regional training grants, universities and colleges, national or regional companies or service providers, national organizations, community coalitions, as well as individual agencies or institutions.

Q.What do the letters - MS, OTR/L, FAOTA - after Teepa's name mean?

A.The MS is for a Master of Science degree from UNC-Chapel Hill. The OTR/L is for an Occupational Therapist, Registered and Licensed. The FAOTA is for national recognition from Fellow of the American Occupational Therapy Association for her expertise in gerontology and geriatrics as well as for her professional leadership and service to the national organization in geriatrics.

Q.Where does the name Teepa come from and who named her?

A.Teepa's birth name was Teena Lucille Allman.

Her mom found the interesting spelling of ‘Tina’ in a book and liked it. Her parent's had decided that all the kids would have one of each of their initials as a ‘signature piece’. (TL) The Lucille came from being named after both grandmothers (Lucille Virginia and Flora Lucille).

When Teepa was a young teen, the state hospitals for children with developmental disabilities such as autism, down’s syndrome, and cerebral palsy were being closed down and these children were being sent back to their families. These were the same families who were told when these children were born and when they were infants and toddlers that the families could not manage them and they would need to be institutionalized. There were very few support services for the families or the kids. This was before ‘mainstreaming’ and special education programs were in their early stages.

A local college kid decided to work with a YMCA to offer a Saturday ‘respite’ program. He recruited middle school and high school students to help run the program and buddy up with the kids. Teepa volunteered to be part of this program. A few of the kids became special friends and buddies. One little boy had autism and a speech impairment. His name was Michael. Michael couldn’t say “Teena”. He called her “Teepa”. Soon all Teepa's friends had picked it up, then her family, and eventually everyone called Teepa “Teepa”. So, after many years, she officially and legally changed it. After all, it is who she is.

So, the short answer is: Teepa's friend, Michael, named her.

Q. How can I see Teepa?

A. We keep the public updated to where Teepa is through this website and social networking. Please check the Upcoming Events page for more info and the links to social networking sites.

Q. Does Teepa have a video?

A. Yes, Teepa has several videos for sale at the store link on this website. Clips from some of her videos can be seen on her YouTube channel

Q. Does Teepa have a book?

A. Teepa is currently working on a book. If you are interested in knowing when it is available, please send us your contact information.

Q. How can I get in touch with her?

A. Teepa travels frequently. The best way to reach her or one of her staff members is through the contact us page on this website. The website is set up to field questions about dementia, book Teepa's lecture schedule, and give out general information.